ELUVEITIE: "Inis Mona" video

I just discovered that the totally awesome band ELUVEITIE has several videos available on YouTube, including one for one of their best songs, “Inis Mona.”



You may recall me mentioning them earlier, when I said: “My favorite discovery included in this batch is a band called Eluveitie (pronounced El-way-tea). They’re Swiss, their name is a word in Etruscan, and some of their vocals are in Gaulish (the rest in English). They kind of sound to me like early In Flames, but with a bad-ass flute player. Seriously, this is the most metal a flute has ever been. They’re what you call “folk metal” or “pagan metal,” which blends the playing of traditional folk instruments (bagpipes, flute, hurdy-gurdy) with death metal.”