THE END HAS COME Author Interview: Chris Avellone, on “Acts of Creation”

Chris Avellone, on “Acts of Creation,” discusses the background of his story in this exclusive interview featured on A Dribble of Ink:

You’re probably most well-known for your award winning video game design, and comic book writing. How do those mediums feed into your prose?

They have the capacity to help and hurt the writing process. As an example, when doing video game design, you can explore almost every permutation of a character you feel find interesting to delve into – with standard prose and comics, you need to make the best choice you can, and when you’ve trained yourself to do equal branching, it can be hard to “trim” those branches and focus the best arc for the piece.

Comic books have also been a bit different in a (helpful) way – they’ve trained me to think visually to tell the stories, which is an important skill in game design. Storyboarding, camera angles and how they can communicate the power and emotion in a scene, dialogue brevity, and layout of pages and panels to emphasize action, contemplation, and building tension have all proven useful.

What I like about Obsidian and inXile is that a number of the designers eagerly explore variations of prose, not just game writing – Carrie Patel (The Buried Life), Colin McComb (the Oathbreaker series), Nathan Long (Jane Carver of Waar), Adam Heine (his Tides of Numenera novel is excellent), and Andrew Rowe (Forging Divinity) are only a few of the folks I’ve worked with who also write prose in their off-hours, and (no humility here, it’s the truth, especially Adam), they write far better than I do. I feel like I’m stumbling a lot of the time, but hey, I like to believe I make enough mistakes and learn from them to make fewer and fewer errors as time goes on. Or not. It’s up to the reader to judge.

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