THE END HAS COME Author Interview: Seanan McGuire, author of “Resistance”

Seanan McGuire, author of “Resistance,” discusses the background of her story in this exclusive interview featured on A Dribble of Ink:

As the story went on, I found my feelings shifting back and forth regarding Megan Riley. Sometimes I was angry at Colonel Handleman for blaming her for having OCD, and sometimes I found myself thinking, ‘yes, she really is at fault for the way certain things worked out.’ How do you feel about Dr. Riley and her culpability in the end of the world?

I have OCD. And throughout my life, there have been things that have gone terribly wrong because I couldn’t cope with something at the beginning of the process, and so people hid it from me, or I hid it from myself. It’s a self-fulfilling prophecy sometimes, that my issues will get in the way. I wanted to explore that experience in fiction. As for Dr. Riley … I don’t think the end of the world was her fault. I think it was the fault of people who tried to protect her when they shouldn’t have done so.

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