THE END HAS COME Author Interview: Jake Kerr, author of “The Gray Sunrise”

Jake Kerr, author of “The Gray Sunrise,” discusses the background of his story in this exclusive interview featured on A Dribble of Ink:

The characters are under threat because of an encroaching astronomical event. What made you select this particular trigger for your apocalypse?

This is actually the fourth story set in this world. The original was “Biographical Fragments of the Life of Julian Prince,” which can be found in the Wastelands 2 anthology. John asked if I would be interested in setting my Apocalypse Triptych stories in that world, and so I wrote all three in them, all set in the same time frame and setting of an impending near extinction asteroid strike. Why did I originally choose an asteroid strike? I honestly can’t remember. My first thought was of a character and an epic event, and that was the first thing that popped into my mind!

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