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NEWS: Four JJA Anthology Ebooks All Deep-Discounted Now for a Limited Time!

In a strange confluence of events, four of my anthologies are all deep-discounted in ebook format at the same time.

UPDATE 10/10/17: THE LIVING DEAD is no longer on sale, but the others in this batch are, plus now OTHER WORLDS THAN THESE is on sale.



*World Fantasy Award finalist!*

*World Fantasy Award finalist!*


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REVIEW: “Showcases some of the best writing in the field from 2015. […] Diverse [and] highly accessible.” —Rain Taxi, on BASFF 2016

“This anthology showcases some of the best writing in the field from 2015. Readers of speculative fiction will recognize some of the authors included in this volume—such as Kelly Link, Sofia Samatar, and Ted Chiang—but the anthology is diverse and includes some uncommon names as well. […] Overall, the stories are highly accessible, with interesting ideas privileged over adventure.” —Rain Taxi, on BASFF 2016 [review]

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NEWS: BASFF 2017 Cover Reveal + Announcing Guest Editor Charles Yu

I’m pleased to reveal the cover for Best American Science Fiction and Fantasy 2017, and announce that this volume’s guest editor.

Our guest editor this year is Charles Yu. He is the author of the novel How to Live Safely in a Science Fictional Universe, His short fiction has also appeared in Playboy,, Wired Magazine and, Lightspeed, The Oxford American, and, among other anthologies and magazines, as well as in two collections: Third Class Superhero and Sorry Please Thank You. I’ve also published him in a number of my own anthologies, including Robot Uprisings, Dead Man’s Hand, and Press Start to Play; fun fact: if you mashed up the latter two stories, you basically get HBO’s hit TV show Westworld, for which Charlie worked as a scriptwriter and the story editor on season one.

BASFF 2017

The table of contents has also been selected, but it will be kept under wraps for a while yet. (It will likely be announced some time in July.) Meanwhile, though, the book is available for pre-order:


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NEWS: Best American Science Fiction and Fantasy 2015 is Available for Just $1.99 in Ebook Formats Today

Best American Science Fiction and Fantasy 2015 is available for just $1.99 in ebook formats today:

Also, famous awesome person Wil Wheaton just said that BASFF 2015 is the best SF/F collection he’s ever read, so, you know, that’s pretty cool!

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NEWS: BASFF 2016 Table of Contents Revealed!

The Table of Contents for Best American Science Fiction and Fantasy 2016 has now been revealed! Pop on over to to check out the best 20 stories of the year, as selected by me (series editor John Joseph Adams) and guest editor Karen Joy Fowler.

io9 has the full table of contents, along with a little teaser for each story. Or if you prefer, here’s a version of the TOC right here on the official website, and here’s the full list of the 2016 Notable Stories.

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NEWS: BASFF 2016 Table of Contents Finalized, Submissions Open for 2017 Volume

Guest Editor Karen Joy Fowler and I have now completed work on Best American Science Fiction and Fantasy 2016; our final list of Notable Stories, as well as the final anthology table of contents have been selected (though will remain secret until much closer to our October 2016 publication date).

Since the 2016 volume is now complete, I’m now turning my attention to the 2017 volume, which will collect the best material published during the 2016 calendar year. Editors, writers, and publishers who would like their work considered for next year’s edition, please see our Submissions page for instructions on how to submit material for consideration.

Note to Authors: If your work is appearing in an anthology, if you would like to make sure I am able to consider it, please email the publisher and/or the anthologist to request that they send a copy of the anthology to me. I’m still having to do a lot of hustling to get review copies, and it would be very helpful if authors helped spread the word to their editorial colleagues. (Note also that authors may submit their own stories to me directly; see the Submissions page for details.)

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