Selection Criteria

The stories chosen for this anthology must meet ALL of the following criteria:

1. The original publication of the story must be in a nationally distributed North American publication (i.e., periodicals, collections, or anthologies, in print, online, or ebook form);

2. The story must be written in English and written by a writer or writers who are North American, or who have made the North America their home;

3. The story must be published as text (audio fiction is not considered unless it also appears as text);

4. The original publication of the story must be as short fiction (excerpts of novels are not knowingly considered);

5. Story length must be 17,499 words or less;

6. The story must be at least loosely categorized as science fiction or fantasy (horror is acceptable if it also has elements of science fiction or fantasy);

7. The story must be published by someone other than the author (i.e., self-published works are not eligible);

8. The story must be an original work of the author (i.e., not part of a media tie-in/licensed fiction program);

9. The story must have been originally published between January 1 and December 31 of the eligibility year.