If you are a writer and would like to submit your own short fiction for consideration directly, that is quite welcome. If you’re interested in doing so, please review the selection criteria and if your work meets all of the criteria, please send it via the submissions portal located at


If you’d like to submit complete magazine issues, anthologies, or collections that you edited or published please email Please ensure that your publication meets item #1 of the selection criteria.

Submission Responses

Because this is a best-of-the-year anthology that will be considering thousands of stories, no rejections will be sent out; instead you will just be notified if we wish to include your story in this year’s volume. No decisions will be made until after the end of the year and all stories have been considered equally. Final selections for each volume will be made in the March following the eligibility year.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Timing of Submissions

Please submit your works throughout the year (ideally right around time of publication), so that I have as much time to consider your work as possible, whether it’s an individual short story submitted directly by the writer, or a magazine or anthology submitted to me by the editor or publisher. Please DO NOT wait until the end of the year to submit. (If your publication is publishing toward the end of the year, that’s fine, but if you publish in January, for instance, please don’t wait until December to submit for consideration.)


You must submit any material for consideration by December 31st of the eligibility year. (Though as noted above, please send much earlier if at all possible!)