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Southland Tales

I just watched the first 20 minutes of Southland Tales and I have to say, it’s pretty wretched. For those of you who’ve seen it, tell me: Is there any point in continuing?


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  • MarcL

    11:38 pm Jun-30-2008

    Lucius’s review in F&SF nailed it for me. I loved parts of it, and appreciated the crazy energy that went into it, even though parts of it failed. It’s original sf of the sort we don’t see much in movies. You can tell it’s partly the result of a failed effort to adapt Cat’s Cradle by someone who’s just not in Vonnegut’s league. He tried something ambitious. Still, most will hate it.

  • Kosmo

    2:12 pm Jul-3-2008

    “I’m a pimp, and pimps don’t commit suicide.”

    — It’s worth watching just for that line alone.

  • Jimmy

    2:06 am Jul-5-2008

    I rented it a couple of months ago. It was crazy, funny, confusing, weird, and I just didn’t get it. Still, there is an absolutely beautifully stunning and otherworldly piece of music that plays during the closing credits. It’s some kind of string piece that’s probably composed by Moby, but it doesn’t appear to be on either of the two soundtracks for the movie. That piece of music made my sitting through the movie totally worth it.

  • Eric Gelber

    8:19 pm Jul-6-2008

    It is wretched. I watched the whole thing. A mess from beginning to end. Nothing redeems it. Stoners in Hollywoodland got a lot of money and The Rock and made a really CONFUSING bad movie. I know that SF lovers are desperate for something that is good and intelligent and original but this is NOT any of those of things.

  • John Joseph Adams

    12:13 pm Jul-7-2008

    Thanks for the feedback, everyone. I tried to watch a bit more of it, but couldn’t bring myself to continue and judging from the mostly negative comments about the film, I think I’ll be okay not having seen how it turned out.