Noreason Four (Worldcon)

I’ve received some concerned emails lately regarding my attendance at this year’s Worldcon. Never fear, I’m still going despite the program coordinators having incurred my divine wrath. I’ve already paid for my membership, so I’m going unless some disaster strikes.

Since I’m panelless, I don’t know where I’ll be at any given time, but chances are, I’ll be spending some time in the dealer’s room at the F&SF table. I’ll also stop by some of the other tables I’m affiliated with, like Locus and Amazing Stories — I’m not sure who will be having a presence there.

If you want some sort of guide as to when you can find me: chances are, if Gordon is on a panel, I’ll be in the dealer’s room. See how that works?

I’ll post updates whenever new information is available. Does anyone know when the final program schedule will be available?

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Hot Slush Pile Pics! Click Here!

As requested, a picture of the slush pile.  It’s much
larger now than it normally is since I was on vacation, but it’s not as big as
it was when I first got back to work. 

A 12" box fan was included for a sense of scale.

Could be worse, right?  Imagine what
it’s like at those places that have three month long response times.

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The Wrath of Slushaloth

Damn it, there *is* a panel on audiobooks, at least on the “very tenative Noreascon program.”

Sunday, 10:30 AM: About Audio Books

Yeah, I guess they don’t need the Locus audiobook reviewer to be on that panel.


Well, it doesn’t say who actually *is* on it (none of the panels have the panelists listed yet), but I know *I’m* not since they sent me my rejection notice. (See, even Lord Slushaloth gets rejected.)

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Blog Organization

Made some minor adjustments to the blog.

(1) Consolidated the outside URLs to separate pages rather than listing them all in the left-hand column.

(2) Included a link to a “home” page, which is like my business card online. I’ll update that with any new sales or publications instead of trying to keep both that and the blog up to date. I’ll still post an announcment to the blog when something new is out, but I removed the list of freelance articles from the left-hand column.

(3) Added pages with some favorite books and movies. See the main navigation links at the top of the left-hand column. I hope to expand on those entries at some point, perhaps discuss some of the books and films and why I like them so much, but as of now, they’re just lists of my favorites. Hey, writers are always trying to figure out my tastes, so that might help. Considering I work in short fiction, perhaps I should post a list of favorite short stories. Hrm. Oh well, I’ll put it on my to-do list.

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Birthday Gift

My buddy Brian, who I went to visit on vacation, gave me
this wonderful gift:

That’s right, 500 dinars.  I’ll try not to spend it all in one place. 

(Actually, I think these are now valueless after the
regime change, but it’s the thought that counts.)

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Post-Vacation Rambling

So, I’m back from vacation, had a good time, was over too quickly, yada yada. There’s still a mountain of slush to wade through. Seeing it makes me thankful that we normally stay on top of it rather than let it pile up as some other magazines do. Seeing the huge pile waiting for you when you walk in the office is a definite buzz kill. I like a nice manageable pile that I can work my way through at my own pace without having to think about catching up.

Meanwhile, during my free time, I’m trying to plow through some freelance writing. Seems to me it’s a lot easier to hustle up the work than it is to actually sit down and write it. Actually, the whole reason I’m blogging right now is because I’m procrastinating. I’ve been doing a good job of that all weekend. Well, I was also hoping that writing of some kind might inspire me to do the writing I need to do.

Other news: Got an email from the Worldcon committee rejecting me as being worthy of panel participation. Oh well. I admit that there are plenty of people more qualified than me to talk about just about every subject I’m interested in… except audiobooks. There better not be a panel on audiobooks.

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Hollywood Buffoonery

I read today that “VAN HELSING writer-director Stephen Sommers and his producing partner Bob Ducsay have landed the rights to FLASH GORDON, and will adapt a feature film based on the iconic comic book superhero for Universal.”

I am so sick of the way Hollywood seems to grant “SF expert” status to any schmoe who makes a somewhat successful SFnal film, like this schmuck Sommers. The same thing has happened with I, Robot/Hardwired scriptor Jeff Vintar. Right after the first film comes out, you hear about all these other deals in the works about these guys being invovled with other SF projects. This wouldn’t be bad if the right people were invovled, but it always seems to be these guys who wouldn’t know real SF if it bit them on the ass. This case doesn’t bother me as much as some others I’ve seen — I could care less who is invovled with a Flash Gordon movie, as I’d have no interest in seeing it, but it just leaves me with this one terrible question: why? Why must we be subjected to this?

I’m also sick of all these remakes, but that’s a rant for another time.

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