REVIEW: Andrew Liptak: Stunning

Critic Andrew Liptak reviews Brave New Worlds: “One of the finest sets of short fiction that I’ve ever read, with a stunning table of contents.” [review]

REVIEW: Barnes & Simply Magnificent

Paul Goat Allen of Barnes & reviews Brave New Worlds: “A simply magnificent anthology of short-form dystopian fiction that features dozens of cacotopian classics. And, as has come to be expected with any Adams anthology, there are no weak links – not a one. Every single one of the 33 stories included in Brave New Worlds is a standout work. It’s an all-star line-up of dystopian gems from front to back. … This just isn’t a great anthology, it’s one that I will cherish forever and undoubtedly read again and again.” [review]

NEWS: Listen to Genevieve Valentine’s Story on StarShipSofa!

You can now listen to Genevieve Valentine’s story in Brave New Worlds, “Is This Your Day to Join the Revolution?,” on the fabulous, Hugo Award-winning podcast StarShipSofa (narrated by Christie Yant). The episode also features a brief interview with editor John Joseph Adams.