About the 2nd Edition

Due to various publishing difficulties, the first edition of Brave New Worlds did not get the distribution and shelf-life the publisher and I thought it deserved. (And judging by the reader demand for the book when it was unavailable, many of you agree.)

Now those difficulties have been sorted out, and so Night Shade Books and I are pleased to present this second edition of the anthology to give the book new (shelf) life.

To help celebrate this revised and expanded second edition, we have included three additional stories that could not be included in the first edition (either for contractual reasons or because they just hadn’t been written yet). The three bonus stories are:

And lastly, we’ve also updated the recommended reading list with some new books published since the first edition. You’ll also find two new appendices written by renowned critic and scholar Gary K. Wolfe: (1) a filmography of dystopian films, and (2) study guide questions, designed to help book clubs and classrooms discuss selected stories in more detail.


–John Joseph Adams