Many thanks to the following:

Jeremy Lassen and Jason Williams at Night Shade Books, for letting me edit all these anthologies and for doing such a kick-ass job publishing them. Also, to Ross Lockhart and Michael Lee at Night Shade for all they do behind-the-scenes, nad  to Allan Kausch for his copyediting prowess.

Cody Tilson: Thank you for the fantastic cover, comrade.

Gordon Van Gelder, who first showed me the horrible dystopia of the slush mines and then helped me climb out of them.  

My former agent Jenny Rappaport, for helping me launch my anthology career, and my current agent, Joe Monti, for keeping it going.

Wendy N. Wagner for her assistance wrangling the header notes. All the clever things in the header notes are all her work. Anything lame you came across is mine.

Rebecca McNulty, for her various and valuable interning assistance—reading, scanning, transcribing, proofing, doing most of the work but getting none of the credit as all good interns do.

My mom, for ensuring that, as a child, I did not have to grow up in a dystopia.   

All of the other kindly folks who assisted me in some way during the editorial process: Jean Adamoski, Linda Allen, Kathleen Bellamy, Cristina Concepcion, Ellen Datlow, Jennifer Escott, Lina M. Granada, Sean Fodera, Victoria Fox, Vaughne Lee Hansen, Dave Housley, Alexandra Levenberg, Kristina Moore, Mimi Ross, Lawrence Schmeil, Jason Sizemore, Alicia Torello, to everyone who entered suggestions into my dystopian fiction database, and to everyone else who helped out in some way that I neglected to mention (and to you folks, I apologize!).

The NYC Geek Posse—consisting of Robert Bland, Desirina Boskovich, Christopher M. Cevasco, Douglas E. Cohen, Jordan Hamessley, Andrea Kail, David Barr Kirtley, and Matt London, (plus the NYCGP Auxiliary)—for giving me an excuse to come out of my editorial cave once in a while.

The readers and reviewers who loved my other anthologies, making it possible for me to do more.

And last, but certainly not least: a big thanks to all of the authors who appear in this anthology.