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Here’s the cover of my next anthology from Night Shade Books, Brave New Worlds, an anthology of dystopian fiction, which is due out in January 2011. The art and cover design is by Cody Tilson.

Brave New Worlds
BRAVE NEW WORLDS cover. Click to see the full cover spread.

Here’s the cover copy:


In his smash-hit anthologies Wastelands and The Living Dead, acclaimed editor John Joseph Adams showed you what happens when society is utterly wiped away. Now he brings you a glimpse into an equally terrifying future — what happens when civilization invades and dictates every aspect of your life? From 1984 to The Handmaid’s Tale, from Children of Men to Bioshock, the dystopian imagination has been a vital and gripping cautionary force. Brave New Worlds collects the best tales of totalitarian menace by some of today’s most visionary writers, including Neil Gaiman, Orson Scott Card, Kim Stanley Robinson, and Ursula K. Le Guin.

When the government wields its power against its own people, every citizen becomes an enemy of the state. Will you fight the system, or be ground to dust beneath the boot of tyranny?

The contents are not final on the book yet, so I can’t post them yet, but all of the authors on the cover are finalized, so they’re definitely in the book. Like my other recent Night Shade anthologies, the book will run around 230,000 words all together.

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THE LIVING DEAD 2 Website Now Live!

The website for my new zombie anthology, The Living Dead 2, is now live. The url is

On the site, you will find 8 stories in their entirety, available both as regular web pages and in a downloadable ebook sampler (currently available in epub and pdf format, with additional formats forthcoming from the Baen Webscriptions store). There will also be 36 different author interviews with the contributors. They’re scheduled to appear daily, starting today, with the final one scheduled to run on Oct. 4. And last, but not least, you can also read the introduction and the header notes to each story in the anthology. (Okay, maybe that IS least!)

The anthology features all-new, original stories by zombie masters Robert Kirkman, Max Brooks, David Wellington, Brian Keene, Jonathan Maberry, Carrie Ryan, John Skipp, and Mira Grant, for a grand total of FORTY-FOUR STORIES. This includes a mix of originals (27) and reprints (17) (none of which have ever appeared in a zombie anthology before).

The free stories, which you can find here, are:

  • The Skull-Faced City — David Barr Kirtley
  • And the Next, and the Next — Genevieve Valentine
  • Flotsam & Jetsam — Carrie Ryan
  • Mouja — Matt London
  • Who We Used to Be — David Moody
  • The Days of Flaming Motorcycles — Catherynne M. Valente
  • Obedience — Brenna Yovanoff
  • Rural Dead — Bret Hammond

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Announcing LIGHTSPEED, a New Science Fiction Magazine


I’m pleased to announce that I’ll be the fiction editor of a new science fiction online magazine called LIGHTSPEED, which will be published by Prime Books. I’ll be leaving F&SF at the end of the year to take on this new role. The press release below has all the pertinent details.

Prime Books Announces LIGHTSPEED, a New Science Fiction Magazine

ROCKVILLE, MD, OCT. 16 — Prime Books, the award-winning independent press and publisher of Fantasy Magazine, announced today that in June 2010 it will launch a new online magazine called LIGHTSPEED (, which will publish four science fiction short stories every month, along with an assortment of non-fiction features. LIGHTSPEED will be edited by John Joseph Adams, the bestselling editor of anthologies such as Wastelands and The Living Dead, and Andrea Kail, a writer, critic, and television producer who worked for thirteen years on Late Night with Conan O’Brien. Adams will select and edit the fiction, while Kail will handle the non-fiction.

LIGHTSPEED will focus exclusively on science fiction. It will feature all types of sf, from near-future, sociological soft sf, to far-future, star-spanning hard sf, and anything and everything in between. No subject will be considered off-limits, and writers will be encouraged to take chances with their fiction and push the envelope. New content will be posted twice a week, including one piece of fiction, and one piece of non-fiction. The fiction selections each month will consist of two original stories and two reprints, except for the debut issue, which will feature four original pieces of fiction. All of the non-fiction will be original.

LIGHTSPEED will open to fiction submissions and non-fiction queries on January 1, 2010. Guidelines for fiction and non-fiction will be available on LIGHTSPEED‘s website,, by December 1, 2009.

About John Joseph Adams

John Joseph Adams ( is the bestselling editor of many anthologies, such as By Blood We Live, Federations, The Living Dead (a World Fantasy Award finalist), and Wastelands: Stories of the Apocalypse. He has been called “the reigning king of the anthology world” by Barnes & Noble’s Unabashedly Bookish blog and his anthology The Living Dead was named one of the best books of the year by Publishers Weekly. In addition to his editorial work, he is also currently a reviewer for and a blogger for

About Andrea Kail

Andrea Kail ( is a graduate of the Dramatic Writing Program at NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts and has spent the last two decades working from one end of New York’s television spectrum to the other: HBO, MTV, A&E, Nickelodeon, Comedy Central, as well as thirteen years at NBC’s Emmy Award-winning Late Night with Conan O’Brien. Her fiction has appeared in Fantasy Magazine, and her novella, “The Sun God at Dawn, Rising from a Lotus Blossom,” was a first-place winner in the Writers of the Future contest and appeared in Writers of the Future Vol. XXIII. Since 2005, Andrea has also been writing lively film criticism for such venues as Paradox Magazine and CinemaSpy.

About Prime Books

Prime Books (, edited and published by Hugo Award-nominee and World Fantasy Award-winner Sean Wallace, is an award-winning independent publishing house specializing in a mix of anthologies, collections, novels, and magazines. Some of its established and new authors/editors include John Joseph Adams, KJ Bishop, Philip K. Dick, Theodora Goss, Rich Horton, Nick Mamatas, Sarah Monette, Holly Phillips, Tim Pratt, Ekaterina Sedia, Catherynne M. Valente, and Jeff VanderMeer.


Sean Wallace, publisher,

John Joseph Adams, fiction editor,

Andrea Kail, non-fiction editor,

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