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REVIEW: on WASTELANDS 2 – “Highly recommended”

“Editor John Joseph Adams has done an exceptional job of finding even more cream of the crop from this specific sub genre of fiction.  […] This equal level of quality across the board is certainly this compilations greatest strength and what truly makes it worth the read.  Whether seeing the outbreak of a deadly virus through the eyes of a trapped child, watching humankind literally transform to survive a series of apocalypses, or following a man open up a business among the world’s rubble, each story provides a fresh perspective among the book’s five hundred plus pages. No matter what your favorite flavor of end of the world yarn may be, this tome comes highly recommended.” —, on Wastelands 2 [review]

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REVIEW: Seattle Geekly on THE END HAS COME – “The idea behind [it] was a brilliant one.”

“I used to be averse to short story collections but The End is Nigh edited by John Joseph Adams and Hugh Howey changed that last year with the beginning of The Apocalypse Triptych.  […] The idea behind The Apocalypse Triptych was a brilliant one. The editors did such a great job or curating the short stories.” —Seattle Geekly, on The End Has Come (and The Apocalypse Triptych as a whole) [review]

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REVIEW: Tangent Online on Operation Arcana

Tangent Online reviews Operation Arcana:

Operation Arcana, introduced and edited by John Joseph Adams, presents sixteen military fantasy stories. A few of these tales haunted me. Many of them entertained me. And all of them presented solid work. […] One of the best features here is the range of political outlooks on war. Another laudable thing is the inclusion of a couple of stories either told from the non-American side of a particular conflict or overtly critical of the United States. Such inclusion is an act of literary and political bravery. A third strength is the range of sub-genres: from steampunk to an homage to Tolkien to an updating of Peter Pan to golem stories. This is a very worthwhile anthology, with something for every fan of military and fantasy stories.

They go onto review each story in some detail as well. [read the review]

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