NEWS: COSMIC POWERS Now Available as an Ebook Outside US/Canada

The originating publisher of COSMIC POWERS is Simon & Schuster / Saga Press, and they published the first edition of the anthology in the US and Canada and Philippines. However, it turns out they did not acquire the right to sell the book in other places throughout the world. The print edition is pretty easily acquired in most places, via import, but the ebooks were generally locked down and not gettable if you live outside US/Canada. To remedy this, I’ve now released a new edition of the ebook that is now available outside of US/Canada/Philippines. It should be available pretty much everywhere now. Huzzah!

I’ve added links to the UK and Australia editions to the BUY THE BOOK widget here on this site; if you live in another region, just look up the book on whatever version of Amazon you use and you should be able to find it easily via the ASIN, which in this case is B0736F5QM6.

Since Saga commissioned the original cover, I didn’t have the rights to use it without obtaining additional permissions, so I commissioned a new one. Here it is, by Matt Bright @ Inkspiral Design:

COSMIC POWERS (international cover)