NEWS: Listen to Federations

StarShipSofa has posted a podcast of Jeremiah Tolbert’s story from Federations,  “The Culture Archivist,” which Tolbert describes as his take on “what if the Star Trek Federation were actually capitalist bastards.”

In other Federations-related news, contributor Catherynne M. Valente (“Golubash, or Wine-War-Blood-Elegy”) has developed a cool an unique piece of work based on her story. It’s a “ReadMix,” which is basically a song with text from the story being read in the background, all mixed and such to create a piece of music. The song is called “Wine is a Story,” and you can read more about it and listen to it here.

REVIEW: Starred Review from Publishers Weekly

New major review of Federations, and it’s a good one. In a starred review, Publishers Weekly calls it “breathtakingly rich,” and concludes: “Superior writing, fantastic storytelling and creative adherence to the theme will keep readers enthralled.” Read the whole review here.

REVIEW: Locus reviews Federations

The May 2009 issue of Locus has two reviews of Federations.

The first, from Gardner Dozois, says: “[Federations is] filled with good solid stuff, and a few stories are a bit better than that.”  Gardner goes on to single out John C. Wright’s story, “Twilight of the Gods,” as the best story in the book.

The other review is from Rich Horton, who says: “Where the book shines is with the original stories, many of which are by quite new writers. … The mix—of  old and new stories, of newer and more established writers, and of tones and styles—is vigorous and impressive.” Horton also offers some nice commentary on a few of the stories, for instance, calling Jeremiah Tolbert’s “The Culture Archivist” “very fine” and saying that it “modulates from an almost Strossian romp to a serious examination of its central issue.”

NEWS: Star Trek Smackdown

Come see me debate the merits of science fiction’s best starship captains at the Star Trek Smackdown on May 12 at the Paley Center (formerly known as the Museum for Television and Radio) in New York.

From the Paley Center’s website:

Event: Star Trek Smackdown

Tuesday, May 12, 2009
6:30 pm to 8:00 pm
New York

John Joseph Adams, Editor of anthologies Federations, Wastelands: Stories of the Apocalypse, and The Living Dead
Matt Mitovich, Senior Editor,
Bones Rodriguez, Author, Captain Kirk’s Guide to Women
Moderated by David Bushman, Curator, Television
Additional panelists to be announced.

O Captain! My Captain! Who’s the greatest leader in the history of science fiction on television? We’re pitting Captain James T. Kirk of Star Trek against your choices, based on the results of our Star Trek Smackdown poll. We’re beaming aboard a panel of sci-fi experts to debate the pros and cons of all the leading contenders, but we also want to hear what YOU think, so set your coordinates for the Paley Center and come join the debate.

Bring your tricorders to help you answer some trivia questions to win some DVDs and other special prizes! Costumes welcome!

Tickets include admission to the Paley Center (free to Members, $10 for non-members).

Hope to see you there!