REVIEW: Rave Reviews Come Rolling In

The Sacramento Book Review reviews Federations:

“For this anthology of twenty-four stories, editor John Joseph Adams tasked some of the brightest luminaries of speculative fiction to write stories of vast, galaxy-spanning empires and the people that live in them. … By mixing writers with great experience in with newer authors, Adams captures both the feel of the old pulp magazines and the practical elements of the ever-changing science of astronomy and space travel. … Editor Adams has collected both the finest writers and their finest tales in the definitive volume of vast, epic, interstellar Federations.”

Bibliophile Stalker reviews Federations:

“It’s a testament to the strength of the editor when a mixed anthology–one that features both reprints and original stories–features a consistent selection that one has trouble discerning which is which (or ceases to care about identifying them). Federations is one of those anthologies where I open the book and each story is a treat. … Federations is an accessible science fiction anthology and features both recognizable and refreshing elements of the genre. … [O]ne of the more enjoyable books I’ve encountered in quite some time”

NEWS: Federations Reading @ the South Street Seaport

On Tuesday, July 7, the New York Review of Science Fiction reading series will be hosting a reading for Federations, guest-curated by me (John Joseph Adams). Also on hand will be Federations contributors Allen Steele, who will read his story “The Other Side of Jordan,” K. Tempest Bradford, who will read her story “Different Day,” and Genevieve Valentine, who will read her story, “Carthago Delenda Est.”

Doors open at 6:30. More details here.