REVIEW: io9 Loves Federations

io9 has a rave review of Federations:

“Federations aims to be an anthology of short stories about interstellar civilizations — think Star Trek, Star Wars, or Isaac Asimov‘s Foundation series. But really, most of the stories in this collection are just classic space opera, with only a little discussion of the challenges and joys of multi-planetary collaboration. There’s quite a lot of space war, a fair bit of first contact, and a dash of deep-space exploration. And that turns out to be a more thrilling experience, in many ways, than a more tightly thematic collection of stories about deep-space alliances might have been. … Federations is definitely one of those anthologies that offers something for everyone. … Whether they’re taking us to deep-space battles, showing us uneasy collaboration between vastly different races, or satirizing the very idea of a benign interplanetary alliance, the stories in Federations mostly keep a very human perspective on the hugeness and strangeness of a galaxy teeming with life. And that’s reason enough to sign on to its galactic charter.”

REVIEW: Rave Reviews Come Rolling In

The Sacramento Book Review reviews Federations:

“For this anthology of twenty-four stories, editor John Joseph Adams tasked some of the brightest luminaries of speculative fiction to write stories of vast, galaxy-spanning empires and the people that live in them. … By mixing writers with great experience in with newer authors, Adams captures both the feel of the old pulp magazines and the practical elements of the ever-changing science of astronomy and space travel. … Editor Adams has collected both the finest writers and their finest tales in the definitive volume of vast, epic, interstellar Federations.”

Bibliophile Stalker reviews Federations:

“It’s a testament to the strength of the editor when a mixed anthology–one that features both reprints and original stories–features a consistent selection that one has trouble discerning which is which (or ceases to care about identifying them). Federations is one of those anthologies where I open the book and each story is a treat. … Federations is an accessible science fiction anthology and features both recognizable and refreshing elements of the genre. … [O]ne of the more enjoyable books I’ve encountered in quite some time”

REVIEW: Starred Review from Publishers Weekly

New major review of Federations, and it’s a good one. In a starred review, Publishers Weekly calls it “breathtakingly rich,” and concludes: “Superior writing, fantastic storytelling and creative adherence to the theme will keep readers enthralled.” Read the whole review here.

REVIEW: Locus reviews Federations

The May 2009 issue of Locus has two reviews of Federations.

The first, from Gardner Dozois, says: “[Federations is] filled with good solid stuff, and a few stories are a bit better than that.”  Gardner goes on to single out John C. Wright’s story, “Twilight of the Gods,” as the best story in the book.

The other review is from Rich Horton, who says: “Where the book shines is with the original stories, many of which are by quite new writers. … The mix—of  old and new stories, of newer and more established writers, and of tones and styles—is vigorous and impressive.” Horton also offers some nice commentary on a few of the stories, for instance, calling Jeremiah Tolbert’s “The Culture Archivist” “very fine” and saying that it “modulates from an almost Strossian romp to a serious examination of its central issue.”