INTERVIEW: Harry Turtledove, author of “Father of the Groom”

Harry Turtledove—who is often referred to as the “master of alternate history”—is the Hugo Award-winning author of more than 80 novels and 100 short stories. His most recent books include ReincarnationsThe Golden ShrineAtlantis and Other Places, and The War that Came Early series: Hitler’s War and West and East. In addition to his SF, fantasy, and alternate history works, he’s also published several straight historical novels under the name H. N. Turteltaub. Turtledove obtained a Ph.D. in Byzantine history from UCLA in 1977.

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INTERVIEW: Marjorie M. Liu, author of “The Last Dignity of Man”

Marjorie M. Liu is the author of the Dirk & Steele series, which began with Tiger Eye. She is also the author of X-Men: Dark Mirror and The Iron Hunt and the other books in the Hunter Kiss series. Her short fiction has appeared in a number of anthologies, such as Masked, Songs of Love and Death, Hotter than Hell, and Inked. She is also a writer for Marvel Comics, penning NYXBlack Widow, X-23, and Dark Wolverine.

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INTERVIEW: Austin Grossman, author of “Professor Incognito Apologizes: an Itemized List”

Austin Grossman’s first novel, Soon I Will Be Invincible, was nominated for the John Sargent Sr. First Novel Prize, and his writing has appeared in Granta, The Wall Street Journal, and The New York Times. He is a video game design consultant and a doctoral candidate in English Literature at the University of California at Berkeley, and he has written and designed for a number of critically acclaimed video games, including Ultima Underworld II, System Shock, Trespasser, and Deus Ex. His second novel, You, came out from Mulholland Books in 2012, and his short fiction has also appeared in John Joseph Adams’s anthology Under the Moons of Mars: New Adventures on Barsoom.

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NEWS: Dr. Talon Speaks Out Against Ultimate Man [Video]

The infamous supervillain Dr. Talon has released a “letter to the editor” detailing some surprising revelations about Ultimate Man:

INTERVIEW: L.A. Banks, author of “Ancient Equations”

L. A. Banks was the bestselling author of the Vampire Huntress Legend series, which consists of twelve volumes. She was also the author of the Crimson Moon werewolf series, which includes Bad Blood, Bite the Bullet, Undead on Arrival, Cursed to Death, Never Cry Werewolf, and Left for Undead. Writing under the bylines Leslie Esdaile and Leslie Esdaile Banks, she has also published fiction in the romance and crime/suspense genres. In 2008, Banks was named the Essence Magazine Storyteller of the Year. She died at the age of 51 in August 2011.

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INTERVIEW: Alan Dean Foster, author of “Rural Singularity”

Alan Dean Foster is the bestselling author of several dozen novels, and is perhaps most famous for his Commonwealth series, which began in 1975 with the novel Midworld. His most recent novels include QuofumFlinx TranscendentThe Human Blend, and Body, Inc. Foster’s short fiction has appeared in numerous anthologies and in magazines such as The Magazine of Fantasy & Science FictionAnalogJim Baen’s Universe, and in John Joseph Adams’s anthology Federations. A new collection, Exceptions to Reality, came out in 2008.

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INTERVIEW: Mary Robinette Kowal, author of “We Interrupt This Broadcast”

Mary Robinette Kowal is the author of the novels Shades of Milk and Honey andGlamour in Glass. She is a winner of the Hugo Award and the John W. Campbell Memorial Award for best new writer, and she has been a finalist for the Nebula Award. Her short fiction has appeared in Asimov’s Science Fiction, Apex Magazine, Clarkesworld, Intergalactic Medicine Show,, Talebones, Daily Science Fiction, and in several anthologies, such as The Year’s Best Science Fiction,Clockwork Phoenix 2, Dark Faith, and in John Joseph Adams’s The Improbable Adventures of Sherlock Holmes. A collection of her work, Scenting the Dark and Other Stories, was published in 2009. In addition to her writing, she is also a professional puppeteer and audiobook narrator.

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INTERVIEW: Jeffrey Ford, author of “The Pittsburg Technology”

Jeffrey Ford is the author of several novels, including The Physiognomy, The Portrait of Mrs. Charbuque, The Girl in the Glass, and The Shadow Year. He is a prolific author of short fiction, whose work has appeared in The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction, SCI FICTION, and in numerous anthologies, including John Joseph Adams’s The Living Dead and The Way of the Wizard. Three collections of his short work have been published: The Fantasy Writer’s Assistant and Other Stories, The Empire of Ice Cream, and The Drowned Life. He is a six-time winner of the World Fantasy Award, and has also won the Nebula and Edgar awards.

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INTERVIEW: Heather Lindsley, author of “The Angel of Death Has a Business Plan”

Heather Lindsley’s work has appeared several times in The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction, as well in the magazines Asimov’s Science Fiction, Strange Horizons, Escape Pod, and Greatest Uncommon Denominator. Her fiction has also appeared in John Joseph Adams’s dystopian anthology Brave New Worlds, in Year’s Best SF 12, edited by David G. Hartwell and Kathryn Cramer, and in Talking Backedited by L. Timmel Duchamp. She is a graduate of the Clarion West Writers Workshop and currently lives in London.

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INTERVIEW: Genevieve Valentine, author of “Captain Justice Saves the Day”

Genevieve Valentine’s first novel, Mechanique: A Tale of the Circus Tresaulti, was published by Prime Books in 2011 and won the Crawford Award for best fantasy debut and was a finalist for the Nebula Award. Her short fiction has appeared in the anthology Running with the Pack and in the magazines LightspeedStrange Horizons, Futurismic, Clarkesworld, Journal of Mythic Arts, Fantasy Magazine, Escape Pod, and more. Her work can also be found in John Joseph Adams’s anthologies Under the Moons of Mars: New Adventures on Barsoom, Armored,Federations, The Way of the Wizard, and The Living Dead 2. In 2010, she was a finalist for the World Fantasy Award.

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