NEWS: Mad Scientist’s Guide Reviewed and Listed as “New & Notable” in LOCUS

In the April 2013 issue of Locus, the trade journal of the science fiction/fantasy field, named The Mad Scientist’s Guide to World Domination to it’s list of “new & notable” books published. Locus‘s Karen Burnham also reviewed the book, which was summed up: “a really interesting anthology that gives us a number of perspectives, mostly funny but also often thoughtful, on this most cliched trope of adventure fiction.”

REVIEW: Locus Calls Mad Scientist’s Guide “[an] anthology to recommend.”

“[An] anthology to recommend. … It is perhaps the nature of such a book, featuring stories told from the point-of-view of mad scientists, to show a tropism towards snarky, not quite serious, but quite enjoyable tales of villains justifying themselves.”

Horton goes on to single out Heather Lindsley’s “The Angel of Death Has a Business Plan” as the best of the snarky, not quite serious stories, and also name-checks Diana Gabaldon’s “The Space Between” and Jeffrey Ford’s “The Pittsburgh Technology” as standout stories of a more serious bent.

REVIEW: “A fabulous assortment of stories.”

Review site Speculative Book Review calls the anthology “a fabulous assortment of stories guaranteed to provide readers with hour after hour of high-octane entertainment born of the most megalomaniacal mayhem imaginable.” [review]

REVIEW: Romantic Times Chooses Mad Scientist’s Guide as a Top Pick, Gives It 4.5/5 Stars

Romantic Times, one of the top review journals out there today (covering all genres despite the name), gives the anthology a rave review, giving it 4.5 out of 5 stars, and making it a “Top Pick” for the month: “By turns hilarious, heartbreaking and wonderfully wacky, this anthology is a genuine triumph. … Every single one of these tales … is nothing short of stellar. This isn’t just a ‘must-buy,’ it’s a ‘must buy for every sci-fi fan you know.'” [review not currently online]

REVIEW: Starred Review from Library Journal!

Library Journal just reviewed the anthology and gave it a prestigious starred review! Here’s a choice quote from the review:

A no-holds-barred collection. … Brilliant … insightful … demonstrate[s] the seductive power of the “bad guy.” VERDICT In addition to the overall excellence of the stories, fans of superhero fiction should enjoy the variety of interpretations of the terms “mad scientist,” “super villain,” and “evil genius.”

REVIEW: Publishers Weekly: “Veteran editor Adams succeeds again.”

Publishers Weekly, one of the publishing industry’s top trade journals, has a very positive review of the anthology: “Veteran anthology editor Adams succeeds again with these frequently lighthearted tales of villains and mad scientists trying to take over the world and get the better of the more appreciated good guys. […] Adams’s entertaining story introductions set the stage for villains to find their own definitions and identities.” [review]