INTERVIEW: Weston Ochse, author of “American Golem”

Weston Ochse, author of “American Golem,” discusses the background of his story in this exclusive interview featured on SF Signal:

What inspired you to drop a golem into the midst of the war in Afghanistan? Why Afghanistan?

WO: Well, I was in Afghanistan when I started writing the story and they do say write what you know. I could have set it anywhere, really, but since I was living and breathing in the terrior (what the French pronounce as TearWarr representing the geology, geography, and climate of a certain place, usually in relation to wine). The sounds of horns and engines and planes and helicopters and explosions were my constant soundtrack. It was the war I knew best because I was in the middle of it, so truly, if I wanted this story to be my best, I had no choice but to set it in Afghanistan. And why a golem? Golems are a grossly under-respected, underappreciated, and underused monster. Their very nature represents the seeking for justice and protection. If you want to know what came first, the golem or the plot, I can easily tell you the golem did. He wanted into the story and I let him and the rest, as they say, is his story.

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