INTERVIEW: David Klecha & Tobias S. Buckell, authors of “Rules of Enchantment”

David Klecha & Tobias S. Buckell, authors of “Rules of Enchantment,” discuss the background of the story in this exclusive interview featured on SF Signal:

There is a practical blend of magic and tech to the story that lends to the verisimilitude. It’s not often urban fantasy extends into the realm of military fantasy, yet the blend is not perfect. Lady Wiela makes it clear that the characters’ weapons and gear may not be suited for the trolls’ might. What other blends of magic and tech could you see coming from this world?

DK: That would be telling, wouldn’t it? The possibilities are truly endless, especially when you match some fantasy device or spell or something with a fantasy analogue. One bit I especially liked highlighting in this story was the Marines’ night vision goggles versus a scroll of night seeing, and both compared to elves’ ability to see in the dark.

TB: Oh, Dave and have been tossing around so many ideas. I mean, ever since I told John Joseph Adams that we were writing ‘Full Metal Jacket meets Lord of the Rings’ for this anthology, Dave and I have been trying to figure out where else we can take this story in longer form. So yeah, we don’t want tip our hands too early, yeah?

9/11 proved a harrowing time for America, the shock of an invasion, the loss of a perceived sense of invulnerability. “Rules of Enchantment” brushes this nerve, creating a vital, powerful story without sacrificing depth of character or plot. What advice do you have for writers hoping to engage readers with works that address difficult topics?

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