Interview: Robert Reed

Tell us a bit about your story.  What’s it about?

“Like Minds” is about infinity and the relentless consequences of the words “without end”.

What are some of your favorite examples of parallel worlds or portal fantasies (in any media), and what makes them your favorites?

I have fond feelings towards a particular episode of STAR TREK NEXT GENERATION:  Our universe is suddenly filling up with alternate Enterprises, including one where a desperate Riker doesn’t want to return to his reality where the Borg are in charge.  Of course that’s inevitable in any infinite creation.  Every possible species rules every possible realm.  Also inevitable is the crushing of a brave character’s will until he’s a sputtering helpless goof.  And how many cowardly Riker’s are there?  Millions?  Zillions?  Nope, in the infinite realm, they can’t be counted, and none of us can ever cease to exist, and a million zillion examples of me are doing the most amazing crap right now…which hamstrings a lot of good drama.  So I try not to think about it.