REVIEW: “Every story is terrific. Grade: A.”

The Cleveland Plain Dealer reviews Other Worlds: “Every story is terrific. Grade: A.” [review]

REVIEW: “Highly Recommended”

Bookgasm has a nice review of the anthology: “OTHER WORLDS THAN THESE reminds longtime readers of fantasy and sci-fi what we love about the genre, while also and aptly demonstrating to newcomers that these stories are about so much more than dragons and multitentacled monsters. It comes highly recommended to both and all.”

REVIEW: Starred Review from Publishers Weekly!

Publishers Weekly gives Other Worlds Than These a starred review (indicating a book of exceptional merit): “Anthologist Adams presents readers with a wide variety of alternate Earths, some only slightly askew and others completely unfamiliar. […] Adams’s selections are mirrors reflecting one other with the best images of alternate realities. Readers will greatly enjoy this exploration of our world’s foremost and ascendant speculative authors.” [Read the whole review at Publishers Weekly.]