Oz Reimagined contains the following:

  • Foreword: Oz and Ourselves—Gregory Maguire
  • Introduction: There’s No Place Like Oz—John Joseph Adams & Douglas Cohen
  • The Great Zeppelin Heist of Oz—Rae Carson & C.C. Finlay
  • Emeralds to Emeralds, Dust to Dust—Seanan McGuire
  • Lost Girls of Oz—Theodora Goss
  • The Boy Detective of Oz: An Otherland Story—Tad Williams
  • Dorothy Dreams—Simon R. Green
  • Dead Blue—David Farland
  • One Flew Over the Rainbow—Robin Wasserman
  • The Veiled Shanghai—Ken Liu
  • Beyond the Naked Eye—Rachel Swirsky
  • A Tornado of Dorothys—Kat Howard
  • Blown Away—Jane Yolen
  • City So Bright—Dale Bailey
  • Off to See the Emperor—Orson Scott Card
  • A Meeting in Oz—Jeffrey Ford
  • The Cobbler of Oz—Jonathan Maberry

Plus, each story in the anthology has been illustrated by artist Galen Dara, who also provided the cover for the book.

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