INTERVIEW: Charlie Jane Anders, author of “Rat Catcher’s Yellows”

Charlie Jane Anders, author of “Rat Catcher’s Yellows,” discusses the background of her story in this interview featured on SF Signal:

What was the inspiration for the disease name in “Rat Catcher’s Yellows”?

Basically, for this story, I needed a disease that was a neurological disorder, and I decided it should be a spirochete, the class of corkscrew-shaped disease that includes syphilis and Lyme disease. And given the fact that there’s a cat theme running through this story, the notion of a feline disease that starts attacking humans seemed especially pertinent. So when I discovered there was a real-life spirochete called Rat Catcher’s Yellows (or Leptospirosis) that affects cats, that seemed perfect. The fictional part was that Leptospirosis starts affecting humans, and having intense neurodegenerative effects, and yet the people who suffer from it are really good at playing this one cat-themed video game.

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