INTERVIEW: Chris Kluwe, author of “Please Continue”

Chris Kluwe, author of “Please Continue,” discusses the background of his story in this interview featured on SF Signal:

How has your understanding of gaming culture/subcultures evolved over the years?

I’ve been playing video games since I was seven years old (I think), with the original NES [Nintendo’s video game console]. I grew up as what might be considered a “powergamer”–I was concerned with winning and trying to make game systems work to my favor as best I could, whether that be through grinding levels, discovering glitches, or just practicing over and over to memorize combos and movesets. Later, as I’ve grown older, I still play games with the intention of being incredibly good at them, but I’ve also been able to slow down a little and appreciate some games that I may not have played as a kid or teenager. As far as gaming culture, there’s good people, bad people, and all the shades in between, because at the end of the day, a gamer is a human being, and we are incredibly complex creatures.

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