INTERVIEW: Django Wexler, author of “REAL”

Django Wexler, author of “REAL,” discusses the background of his story in this interview featured on SF Signal:

What do you find most exciting/concerning about the future of gaming?

When real augmented-reality tech gets here and becomes ubiquitous (a bit like it does in “REAL”) there’s going to be some really awesome stuff that becomes possible. Games with both physical and digital components, for example—something like Golem Arcana, which uses a stylus and a tablet, is like an early, early version of that. Remote in-person gaming—I can put on my goggles and see my buddy at my game table, even though he lives a thousand miles away. And of course the kind of social ARGs the story described, which hopefully will go a little better!

In the near-term future, the growth of the non-AAA gaming segment really excites me. Of the games I’ve loved in the past year or two, almost none of them were $60-from-Gamestop sort of games—I got them from Steam, or on iOS, etc., at price points ranging from $5 to $40. That variety makes a lot more interesting things possible, especially for someone like me who isn’t a fan of genres like multiplayer shooters that dominate the AAA market. Increasingly, there’s something for everyone, and a chance for developer to make things they want. I hope this keeps up—we’ll see.

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