INTERVIEW: Austin Grossman, author of “The Fresh Prince of Gamma World”

Austin Grossman, author of “The Fresh Prince of Gamma World,” discusses the background of his story in this interview featured on SF Signal:

This story begins with the metafiction that these are fragments of an actual game. What led to that decision? Were you thinking of any actual games when writing this?

There so many lost or obscure games, digital ephemera, and sometimes they leave behind iconic images or phrases that stick in your head. The early Infocom games had bursts of really vivid prose that, at the time I played them, generated these overwhelmingly powerful images. Of course playing as a lonely teenager late at night it felt like they were my whole world, or at least a world I’d cross over to if I could. And of course Gamma World was a real game, and I never forgot the cover of the first edition rule-set:  I always wanted to know the story behind it, and of course there wasn’t one so I had to tell it myself.

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