INTERVIEW: Marguerite K. Bennett, author of “Stats”

Marguerite K. Bennett, author of “Stats,” discusses the background of her story in this interview featured on SF Signal:

Joey fucking Connor’s exaggerated characteristics make it easier to see him suffer, to see evil get its comeuppance, to even find the humor in some of the situations, but the irony is that this rests on a lack of empathy, the very thing he is condemned for. Do the evil abdicate any right to empathy?

In a way, it’s an evil story. We read the opinions and actions of a nasty, petty man; we take nasty, petty enjoyment in his punishment. We tokenize the oppressed to experience the suffering created by tokenizing the oppressed. It’s a mean, sticky cycle, and attempting to break it means becoming an antagonist—all your misbegotten attempts at doing good made as vulgar and offensive as those of the person you loathe. It’s the denial of empathy on both large and intimate scales. It was uncomfortable to write, and, I hope, uncomfortable to read.

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