Tell us about your latest novels Arctic Rising and The Apocalypse Ocean.

Arctic Rising is a near-future eco-thriller, sort of a post-colonial, James Bond, up-in-the-Arctic-after-all-the-ice-has-finished-melting novel. I was lucky enough to get it reviewed by NPR. The Apocalypse Ocean is my latest novel in the Xenowealth series. The fourth of five planned books.

The Apocalypse Ocean is the continuation of a series you originally published with Tor Books. What happened with that series, and why have you now moved on to funding it via Kickstarter?

The series were just holding dead steady. My editor and I decided it would be better to try something like Arctic Rising and see if we could change things up. Readers really kept writing to me about continuing the series, though. By bringing it to them as a Kickstarter project, I was able to get the readers a fourth book. All in all, everyone won!

Will your first step for future books always be to try the traditional route, or might you go right to Kickstarter on certain projects?

It depends on the project. Making art is complex; making a living off of it is even more so. So far the traditional route keeps making me more money, but for some projects Kickstarter will make more sense. But to be honest, I’m most interested in getting the project out in front of the most readers while also getting the most money. Sometimes that means a Kickstarter makes the most sense. Other times the traditional route. It’s hard to predict how things will continue turning out.

You also recently co-edited an anthology with Joe Monti called Diverse Energies. What’s that, and how did that project come about?

Diverse Energies is a collection of young adult fiction featuring diverse characters and diverse authors. Joe Monti and I wanted to try and inject a little more diversity into science fiction and young adult literature. It’s a small thing, but we got to feature some new voices. And that’s always an amazing thing.

What’s coming up next for you?

Two things. My novel Hurricane Fever in the summer will be coming out from Tor and Del Rey UK, so I’m pretty excited about that. Later, my middle grade novel The Island in the Sky will be coming out from Tor, so that’s an exciting new direction for me.