AUTHOR INTERVIEW: Veronica Belmont

People who recognize your name probably know you from Tekzilla, Sword and Laser, Vaginal Fantasy, or one of your other nonfiction gigs, so a lot of folks might not even know you write fiction. Have you been working at being a fiction writer all along during your geek career, or is that a more recent pursuit?  

It is a very recent pursuit. I’ve done the last two NaNoWriMos, and a few short stories, but this will be my first piece of published fiction.

What are your fiction writing aspirations? Are you working on a novel or just short stories at the moment?  

Definitely short stories at the moment! I’ve finished a novella, but it’s not ready for primetime. This is something I’d like to do for fun and for various projects, but I have a long way to go before I’d dig into a full novel.

You’ve been involved with a lot of cutting edge type media projects. What’s the appeal of working in new media?  

I love that you can really have a lot of freedom to make the kind of content you want. Even when I produced podcasts and web videos for bigger companies, we always had more flexibility than I’ve ever had on a TV project, for example. The community is also so heavily involved in everything we do, and that makes it a lot more special in my opinion!

What’s the appeal of Kickstarter to you, as a consumer (and as a potential user)?  

It breaks down a lot of doors for content creators and allows them to bring their visions to life! It can be very hard to find advertising or sponsorship money out there, but Kickstarter enables your community to have a direct impact on the content creation. Plus, they get cool rewards too!

What’s coming up next for you?  

We’re putting the finishing touches on the Sword & Laser Anthology, which we hope to get out in 2014. We’re also planning on launching a Kickstarter of our own, so stay tuned!