Tell us about your latest book. Since you write as Mira Grant and Seanan McGuire, why don’t you tell us about the latest you have out from both bylines.

This is where I talk about myself in the third person.

Seanan’s latest book, Sparrow Hill Road, is a stand-alone about a dead girl named Rose Marshall, who really wants a milkshake.  It’s a modern American ghost story, it’s my spin on the hitchhiking ghost legend, and I love it a lot.

Mira’s latest book is Parasite, it came out last October, and it’s about genetically engineered tapeworms, medical ethics, and corporate greed. It’s pretty grody. I love it a lot. And it’s my first hardcover, which is super exciting! I have built a little fort out of my author copies.

What’s the difference between Mira books and Seanan books?

Mira swears more. In all seriousness, Seanan is actually creepier in short form than Mira, because when I’m writing as Mira, I’m all about the scientific accuracy, and when I’m writing as myself, I just want to kill a lot of people. Mira kills a lot of people too, but she has to explain how.

You’ve never done a Kickstarter, but I’ve seen you actively promote them on occasion on Twitter. What do you find appealing about crowdfunding?

I was a theater kid. I did summer stock for years. And see, in theater, everything is basically either crowdfunded or supported by somebody with a million bucks: there is very little middle ground. For me, crowdfunding is like the little theater company putting on a production of Carrie: The Musical on a shoestring budget and with a volunteer cast. They may barely break even, but everyone involved is doing it out of love. I think the world needs more things done out of love.

Now that you’re going to create a fictional Kickstarter, has that made you think about doing a real one at all?

Fuck. No. Also nope, nuh-uh, not gonna happen, the nopetopus rides again, noooooooooooooooo. I have so much on my plate already that organizing and managing a Kickstarter would break me. I am in awe of the people who have that sort of organizational mind. Mine doesn’t work that way. Other sorts of crowd-funding, yes, but nothing so ambitious and lump-sum.

What are you working on now?

This interview. In a larger sense, I’m currently focusing on the end of Chimera, which is the final book in the Parasitology trilogy, and knocking out a bunch of short stories–some of them for you, in fact. After I clear those off my plate, I’ll be starting the next Seanan McGuire book, Chaos Choreography, which is the fifth in my InCryptid series. It’s a busy ol’ world.

BONUS: What’s so great about Disneyland?

Disneyland is magic. It’s a controlled environment where everything has been designed to make you as happy as possible. That’s why I go there so often. Because honestly sometimes, I just want to be in a world where everything is about making me happy. The world needs more happiness. Disney as a corporation isn’t perfect, but cheese and crackers, are they good at putting together a theme park.