EXCERPT: A Memorial To The Patriots by Jake Kerr

Jake Kerr began writing short fiction in 2010 after fifteen years as a music and radio industry columnist and journalist. His first published story, “The Old Equations,” appeared in Lightspeed and went on to be named a finalist for the Nebula Award and the Theodore Sturgeon Memorial Award. He has subsequently been published in Fireside Magazine, Escape Pod, and the Unidentified Funny Objects anthology of humorous SF. A graduate of Kenyon College with degrees in English and Psychology, Kerr studied under writer-in-residence Ursula K. Le Guin and Peruvian playwright Alonso Alegria. He lives in Dallas, Texas, with his wife and three daughters.

A Memorial To The Patriots

Funding Suspended. Funding for this project was suspended 1 day ago.


pledged of $50,000 goal

Help fund A Memorial to the Patriots, a marble monument in Baton Rouge to the valiant and brave defenders of Houston, who lost their lives to the terrorist insurgency forces last year.

Official Note

This project has been approved by the Domestic Security Agency as not being a wartime risk. Participants have been pre-approved for a waiver to publicly discuss war-related topics, but only as necessary to further this project.

About the Project

The images of the terrorist attacks on Houston still haunt us: The policeman holding the dying child; the buildings in rubble; Colonel Davis—“the Hero of Houston”—pulling and leading countless children to safety while he ignored his own injuries; the dead animals that lined the roads after the water supply was poisoned. There were so many tragedies that day.

But there were also many heroes. This project is about honoring them.

The funds will go toward installing a monument to the defenders of Houston in downtown Baton Rouge. There are similar monuments in other cities, and the participants feel that it is their patriotic and moral duty to honor these men and women in similar fashion in Baton Rouge. Reaching our stretch goals will help fund monuments in other cities.

About the Project Coordinator

Andreas Villencz was in Houston while the horrific attacks took place. His experiences there forever changed him, and while continuing his education in Political Science at Loyola University he was filled with the desire to thank those that helped save others. Villencz approached long-time friend and artist Chris Handel with the idea of a string of memorials across the country, and the project was born.

About the Project Consultant

Josef Harte was a professor of Political Science at Rice University in Houston during the terrorist attacks. He was subsequently hired by Loyola University to fill the newly-created position of Professor of Contemporary History. He is a world-renowned expert on the Houston Attacks.

About the Artist

Chris Handel gained attention after winning the National Patriotic Art Competition for her piece, “Houston,” a large, 6’x6’ abstract expressionist rendering of the pain of the patriots who suffered that day, painted in her own blood. It currently hangs in the Capital Rotunda. While she is best known for her work as a painter, she was trained at the University of Houston as a sculptor, and she will bring her keen view of tragedy as seen in “Houston” to the marble she has chosen as her medium for the memorial.



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