EXCERPT: Fulfill My Destiny and Save the World! by Matt Forbeck

Matt Forbeck has been a full-time creator of award-winning games and fiction since 1989, designing games and toys and writing stories of all sorts. He has twenty-seven novels published to date, including the award-nominated Guild Wars: Ghosts of Ascalon and the critically acclaimed Amortals and Vegas Knights. His latest work includes the Magic: The Gathering comic book, The Marvel Encyclopedia, the MMOs Marvel Heroes and Ghost Recon Online, the Leverage novel The Con Job, the Dangerous Games trilogy of thriller novels set at Gen Con, and the Monster Academy YA fantasy novels. For more about him and his work, visit Forbeck.com.

Fulfill My Destiny—and Save the World!

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I have already conquered the world, but I need your help to build my time machine to make sure it happens. Or we all die.

About This Project

I realize how insane this might sound, but you must believe me. In fact you (for some vital values of “you”) already have.

At the moment, I’m an average person—someone just like you, although likely a lot smarter and more ambitious—but I have a higher destiny to fulfill. By the time this Kickstarter ends, I will have enough funds to build the prototype of my time machine, and I will use that device to take over the world.

You could try to stop me, of course, but by any worthwhile definition, you are already too late. Instead, the wise thing to do is submit your pledge for this Kickstarter now to help ensure your place in the new world order.

About Me

You’d love for me to tell you more about myself, I know, but I’ve gone to great trouble to erase all existing clues about my past. Otherwise, traitors from the future might try to go back to the days before my birth and exterminate my ancestors.

Let’s just say that you’re about to get to know me well enough in my identity as the Master of Time.

About My Machine

It is a thing of rare beauty and wonder, and that’s just the hypermathematics that make it work. My initial prototype is a bit clunky—and about the size of a truck—but you should see the things my future self has done to integrate it via nanotechnology into his immortalizing subdermal endoskeleton. No more losing track of the machine while exploring the Jurassic period!

Suffice it to say that there will only ever be one functional machine, and that it will be mine. That kind of power is just too intoxicating to share with the less gifted. The risk isn’t worth it.

About My Reign

There’s no need to fear. I’m not doing this for my own edification. I’m doing it for you.

Just look at the world today. You can see that it’s falling apart. All forms of government have failed, with politicians either falling into the pockets of the wealthy or already hailing from their ranks. Wars rage all across the planet. The poor starve while the rich glut themselves on the fruits of their laborers.

The only solution is a global government led by a benevolent dictator. Most people agree that this is the most efficient and fairest form of rule, but they worry about what happens once that wonderful ruler dies. Will his heirs botch it? Will the people come to fear the system that gave them so much comfort?

With access to the technology of the future, I can guarantee myself immortality. I will rule the world forever and well. So lay aside those fears.

But why me? Why should I be the permanent ruler of humanity?

Once I travel into the future, I’ll bring many of its advances back to my people today. Imagine leaping forward a hundred years at once as a people. Or a thousand!

While you might fear that this could cause a paradox, my future self assures me that it works well. His existence here in our time should serve as stark proof of that. He knew there was a small risk of disaster when he launched himself along that path, but the potential benefits outweighed that by several orders of magnitude—and proved far too vital to resist.

With your help, I will put an end to want, to fear, even to death.

All I require is your absolute loyalty. And your pledge. Now.



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