EXCERPT: Locally Grown, Organic by Kat Howard

Kat Howard is the World Fantasy Award-nominated author of over twenty pieces of short fiction. Her work has been performed on NPR as part of Selected Shorts, and has appeared in Lightspeed, Subterranean, and Apex, among other venues. Her novella, The End of the Sentence, written with Maria Dahvana Headley, will be out in September from Subterranean Press. You can find her on twitter as @KatWithSword and she blogs at strangeink.blogspot.com.

Restaurant Natal

Funded! This project funded successfully on March 18.


pledged of $500,000

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A new restaurant, offering the epitome of truly unique cuisine.

About the Project

Are you bored by the meals at even the newest restaurant? Is your palate in need of rejuvenation? Do you believe food that is raised and produced humanely to be the best? If so, please read further, and consider supporting this campaign to fund my restaurant, Natal.

The specialty of Natal will be locally grown, organically produced newborns. As we all know, even with healthcare reform, the cost of prenatal care and giving birth can be extraordinary here in America. Your contribution will go directly toward providing the optimum in care and comfort to the fetuses themselves as they grow and the bodies of the women bearing them. I strongly believe that the host women deserve to be treated at least as well as any other animal involved in production. Natal will be founded with the belief that access to good food, comfortable shelter, and proper medical care for the host women contributes to the end quality of the product, and that the best way to ensure these things is to take what we’ve learned from farm to table production and apply them here.

Healthy, happy food is tasty food, after all.

Stretch Goals

Any amount beyond the requested funding goal will—after the creation of a small legal defense fund for myself as chef, as adoption proceedings can become contentious—go toward custom-designed menus for the host women to be fed while pregnant. It has long been a custom to vary the diet of fowl kept for foie gras production or escargot in order to provide a richer dining experience. I believe the same custom may be useful in enhancing the dining experience at Natal.

However, if the requested funding is doubled, that will unlock new reward levels. It will also mean that I will be able to hire a full-time physician, to help keep the host women safe and healthy throughout their confinement.

If the requested funding is tripled, I plan on investing in modest housing for the host women to live in during their confinement. This will help reduce their exposure to environmental stressors–happy food is delicious food.

Risks and Challenges

As with any specialty restaurant, there is always the risk that something could interfere with the supply stream. However, recent political trends suggest that it is unlikely that abortion will become more accessible to women. Access to contraception and clear sex education is also becoming less common. This means that there will continue to be a steady supply of women who are pregnant, and who have no desire or ability to pay for the costs of pregnancy and parenthood, and who do not fit the profile of women likely to produce adoptable children.

Pregnancy and the birth process involve risks of their own. This is why one of the goals of this project is to hire a resident physician, so as to maintain utmost standards of care and help all of the host women toward healthy production.

Also, as we all know, the restaurant business is a fickle one, and what is popular today may not be so tomorrow. However, I have successfully opened two other restaurants—Swift’s Cafe and the Michelin-starred Gilead—so I believe I am well-equipped to deal with any challenges that might arise in opening Natal.



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