EXCERPT: Updates by Vylar Kaftan and Shannon Prickett

Vylar Kaftan is a Nebula Award-winning writer of short stories who’s appeared in magazines such as Lightspeed and Asimov’s. She founded FOGcon, a science fiction and fantasy con in the Bay Area. Her creative avatar is Pinkie Pie. Shannon Prickett is a huge fan of Kickstarter, despite having now waited 2.5 years for a promised reward for backing a particular project. He also likes cake. They both play a lot of Ingress. Viva la Resistance! You can find them on Twitter at @Vylar_Kaftan and @bindr. He’s funnier.

Updates, the Kickstarter Like No Other

Funded! This project was successfully funded on Mar 2.


Pledged of $5,000

seconds to go

Waiting to hear about other Kickstarters? Back Updates . . . and get your updates!

What is Updates, the Kickstarter Like No Other?

Many Kickstarters take your money and go silent. They all promise to build amazing things if you’ll just give them money. But once you pledge, they vanish without any updates.

We promise we will never do that. We’ll keep you updated at every stage. In fact, that’s all we’ll do! We won’t waste time with design, prototype, logistics, assembly, packaging, or shipping. We’ll just tell you stuff every week. Lots of stuff! Never again will you wonder, “What did that Kickstarter do with my money? Why haven’t I heard from them in months?”

But here’s our guarantee: That won’t happen with us. We’ll take good care of you.

• • • •

Pledge $5 or more
42,983 backers

RECEIPT BACKER. We’ll confirm your purchase. Yep. There you go. In addition to that lovely receipt (which technically counts as an update), you’ll see free updates online just like everyone else.

Pledge $10 or more
24,176 backers

DOUBLE CHECK BACKER. All rewards of RECEIPT BACKER tier—then a long span of silence, followed by a frantic incomplete update intended for someone else.

Pledge $50 or more
30,002 backers

SINCERE BACKER. All rewards of DOUBLE CHECK BACKER, plus we’ll apologize in the extremely unlikely event that we do not update you. We will be sorry. We will be so sorry. You will feel our sorrow after the regrettable delays (due to factors beyond our control or anticipation). Our sorrow will be deep and compelling.

Pledge $100 or more
699 backers

APOLOGETIC BACKER. All rewards of SINCERE BACKER tier, with a bonus excuse. It will be good. It will be laminated. Possibly notarized by one or more of our parents, if we hit our stretch goals.


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