NEWS: Love for the Seeds of Change Trailer

Ciprian Rosu of the Techcurse blog found the Seeds of Change trailer and likes what he sees: "Of all the browsed trailers this one amazed me the most  AND it made me curious enough to actually order the book. It felt like watching a  short documentary about our near future. Quite the hook for my elitist intellectual approach to technology. Further research led me here: That’s my Catch of the week-end, a smart book with a smart trailer attached."

NEWS: What Would You Change About the SF/Fantasy Field?

I’m included in the latest SF Signal Mind Meld, which asks "What would you change about the SF/fantasy field?" Excerpt from my contribution: "From an editorial perspective, I think maybe that we don’t often enough challenge writers to be great. Not all stories (or writers) have greatness inside of them, but I think that perhaps too often we accept and publish good stories that truly could be great if the writer was just pushed to *make it* great. It seems like editors used to do this routinely, if one can accept the statements one reads in historical accounts at face value. Editors like John W. Campbell and Harlan Ellison are frequently cited as having done a lot to mold and shape the fiction they published. It could be that this is still happening today, but I don’t hear about it very often and don’t often see it–instead I find myself reading good stories in which I find greatness lurking inside them. I don’t know what the reason for this is, or even if it is a true problem–good stories are, after all *good*–but it’s something I’ve been thinking about."

It also features the opinions of Seeds of Change contributors Blake Charlton, Jay Lake, Mark Budz, Ken MacLeod, Jeremiah Tolbert and Nnedi Okorafor-Mbachu.

REVIEW: Seeds “Stands out in a sea of simple entertainment.”

Horia Ursu, who recently blogged about Seeds in Romanian, is guest-blogging this week at Jeff VanderMeer’s Ecstatic Days blog, and had this to say: "John Joseph Adams was kind enough to indulge my pleas and e-mailed electronic copies of Wastelands (the best reprint themed anthology I have read this last couple years!) and of his then-forthcoming, now freshly trailered Seeds of Change, where at least half of the stories will (or deserve to) show up in next year’s awards final ballots. This book reminded me why I started to love science fiction in the first place, with the stories’ focus on the paradigms of change and an almost militant engagement that stands out in a sea of simple entertainment."

Planting Real-Life Seeds of Change

Seeds of Change was recently featured on the blog Omnivoracious, in which Jeff VanderMeer asked me to name five ways you can plant real-life seeds of change.

SF Signal Review

SF Signal reviews Seeds, giving it a 4/5 rating: "The theme of Seeds of Change, an anthology of original fiction edited by John Joseph Adams, is paradigm shifts. Specifically, Adams asked the writers to write stories about technological, scientific, political or cultural change. Not only did each writer succeed at that goal, but most of them managed to provide stories that were entertaining and thought-provoking as well."

Reviewer John DeNardo singled out Blake Charlton’s "Endosymbiont" as the standout story in the book, saying: "Charlton’s voice is totally his own, drawing upon his medical background to create a story that has big ideas, interesting twists and is 100% engrossing and abundantly satisfying."

Bibliophile Stalker on Seeds

Bibliophile Stalker reviews Seeds of Change, singling out "Resistance" by Tobias S. Buckell," "Arties Aren’t Stupid" by Jeremiah Tolbert, and "Drinking Problem" by K. D. Wentworth as his favorites.

Three Quick Hits

io9 blogs more love for Seeds of Change, and calls Tobias S. Buckell’s story "Resistance," "most awesome."

A plug from Boing Boing, with an interesting comment thread set off by the anthology’s concept.

Also, Seeds was mentioned briefly in The Huffington Post!

Seeds of Change Marketing is Made of Win

Blogger Josh Smith sees the Seeds of Change website and likes what he sees: "The other thing I really like about Seeds of Change is just in how the book is available and marketed. You can read three full length stories as well as many other excerpts. To make these even better, the teaser stories are available online, as a mobipocket file, a pdf and also for the Sony ebook reader. I love the use of multiple formats to let me consume the information in whatever manner suits me. … If the samples have tipped you over the edge then I highly recommend picking up a copy which is another place that Seeds of Change shines, you aren’t locked into a hardcopy of the book, you can also order it on FictionWise in a variety of ebook formats and it’s even reasonably priced for an ebook to boot." on Seeds Trailer, a new site devoted to promoting and reviewing book trailers, recently featured the trailer for Seeds of Change. If you think it’s awesome, please drop by and give it a rating and/or leave a comment!

Romanians Love Seeds of Change

Horia Ursu of Romanian publisher Millennium Press had this to say about Seeds of Change: "SEEDS OF CHANGE was definitely a pleasant revelation and a powerful proof that engagement–in the good sense of the word–continues to animate a genre only apparently reserved for easy entertainment, asking questions and offering possible answers."

You’ll just have to trust me that it says that, unless you read Romanian, because that’s the language his post is written in. (He sent me that translated excerpt.)

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