REVIEW: SF Scope on Seeds

SF Scope reviews Seeds of Change, calling it “thought-provoking” and “a pretty good, and pretty fast, read.” Reviewer Ian Randall Strock singles out "The Future by Degrees", "Endosymbiont", and "Resistance," as his favorites.

NEWS: Seeds on kindly talked up Seeds of Change recently: "People read for different reasons. Some read for entertainment value, wanting a fun release to take them away from reality for a few hours. Others read to learn something more about themselves through the characters they come to know and love or the situations those characters find themselves in. Seeds of Change is a new science fiction anthology that combines both!"

REVIEW: Big Dumb Object Review

Big Dumb Object reviews Seeds, in which the reviewer singles out Ted Kosmatka’s "N-Words," Nnedi Okorafor-Mbachu’s "Spider the Artist," and Ken MacLeod’s "A Dance Called Armageddon."

NEWS: Seeds on

John Klima just gave me a nice write-up for, in which he talks about my anthology projects, and gives special kudos to Seeds of Change.

REVIEW: Blog Review: Scott Marlowe

Scott Marlowe posted a nice review of the anthology on his blog: "If you’re looking for a healthy dose of thought-provoking literature leavened by a hefty shot of entertainment to put an exclamation on these final summer days, I highly recommend Seeds of Change."

NEWS: Interview @ PW’s Genreville

Rose Fox of Publishers Weekly interviewed me for the PW Genreville blog. It’s for a feature called "Nuts & Bolts," so as the name implies the interview sort of explores how Seeds of Change was born and how the book came together.

REVIEW: Static Multimedia Review

Dorothy Emry reviews Seeds of Change for Static Multimedia, giving it 3.5 out of 4 stars: “Nine short stories equal one great read in Seeds of Change, the latest anthology edited by John Joseph Adams. The authors contributing to this collection serve up works that range from tragedy to comedy–each of them thought provoking.”

Ms. Emry goes on to post some additional thoughts on her MySpace blog, saying “The authors featured in Seeds could well be part of the next generation of big names and Adams is to be commended for gathering them in this anthology.”