REVIEW: Another Blog Review

The Minimal to the Max blog says: “Seeds of Change exceeded my expectations. I found it to be quite an engaging read, and … I think the majority of it will appeal to readers everywhere.”

REVIEW: SF Revu Review

SF Revu has a nice review of Seeds of Change: “These are not your usual short stories — each one is a true gem. If you haven’t already found this book on the shelves, go look for it now. It will supply hours of absorbing reading and lots of food for thought.”

REVIEW: SF Scope on Seeds

SF Scope reviews Seeds of Change, calling it “thought-provoking” and “a pretty good, and pretty fast, read.” Reviewer Ian Randall Strock singles out "The Future by Degrees", "Endosymbiont", and "Resistance," as his favorites.

REVIEW: Big Dumb Object Review

Big Dumb Object reviews Seeds, in which the reviewer singles out Ted Kosmatka’s "N-Words," Nnedi Okorafor-Mbachu’s "Spider the Artist," and Ken MacLeod’s "A Dance Called Armageddon."

REVIEW: Blog Review: Scott Marlowe

Scott Marlowe posted a nice review of the anthology on his blog: "If you’re looking for a healthy dose of thought-provoking literature leavened by a hefty shot of entertainment to put an exclamation on these final summer days, I highly recommend Seeds of Change."

REVIEW: Static Multimedia Review

Dorothy Emry reviews Seeds of Change for Static Multimedia, giving it 3.5 out of 4 stars: “Nine short stories equal one great read in Seeds of Change, the latest anthology edited by John Joseph Adams. The authors contributing to this collection serve up works that range from tragedy to comedy–each of them thought provoking.”

Ms. Emry goes on to post some additional thoughts on her MySpace blog, saying “The authors featured in Seeds could well be part of the next generation of big names and Adams is to be commended for gathering them in this anthology.”

REVIEW: Seeds “Stands out in a sea of simple entertainment.”

Horia Ursu, who recently blogged about Seeds in Romanian, is guest-blogging this week at Jeff VanderMeer’s Ecstatic Days blog, and had this to say: "John Joseph Adams was kind enough to indulge my pleas and e-mailed electronic copies of Wastelands (the best reprint themed anthology I have read this last couple years!) and of his then-forthcoming, now freshly trailered Seeds of Change, where at least half of the stories will (or deserve to) show up in next year’s awards final ballots. This book reminded me why I started to love science fiction in the first place, with the stories’ focus on the paradigms of change and an almost militant engagement that stands out in a sea of simple entertainment."

SF Signal Review

SF Signal reviews Seeds, giving it a 4/5 rating: "The theme of Seeds of Change, an anthology of original fiction edited by John Joseph Adams, is paradigm shifts. Specifically, Adams asked the writers to write stories about technological, scientific, political or cultural change. Not only did each writer succeed at that goal, but most of them managed to provide stories that were entertaining and thought-provoking as well."

Reviewer John DeNardo singled out Blake Charlton’s "Endosymbiont" as the standout story in the book, saying: "Charlton’s voice is totally his own, drawing upon his medical background to create a story that has big ideas, interesting twists and is 100% engrossing and abundantly satisfying."

Bibliophile Stalker on Seeds

Bibliophile Stalker reviews Seeds of Change, singling out "Resistance" by Tobias S. Buckell," "Arties Aren’t Stupid" by Jeremiah Tolbert, and "Drinking Problem" by K. D. Wentworth as his favorites.

Three Quick Hits

io9 blogs more love for Seeds of Change, and calls Tobias S. Buckell’s story "Resistance," "most awesome."

A plug from Boing Boing, with an interesting comment thread set off by the anthology’s concept.

Also, Seeds was mentioned briefly in The Huffington Post!

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