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For a change, living in New Jersey is a good thing.


Came home from work today to discover the new IN FLAMES CD, Come Clarity, waiting for me. I’d ordered some special limited edition “fan pack” which included some other stuff besides the CD, like a Come Clarity T-shirt and a DVD with a couple videos on it. The fan pack also came with a In Flames patch and a big giant In Flames coaster. Oh wait, it’s not a coaster, it’s a 2-song vinyl EP! Cool! Uh, what the hell am I supposed to do with it?

But anyway, the reason this means living in New Jersey is a good thing is that the official release date for the CD is Feb. 7 in the US, yet here I am holding it in my hands today, the 2nd. The record label, Ferret Music, is located in NJ, so I suspect that’s why I got it so damn fast. Also, because I got an email yesterday saying that my order was on the way, and that the date of receipt would depend on how far away I live from New Jersey.

Another reason to be totally geeked out: a sticker on the wrapping of the CD case promises that Come Clarity is In Flames’s “heaviest and most creatively aggressive outing in years!” which is of course good news. Their last album, while good, leaned a bit toward the wussy side. Glad to hear they’re getting back to the hard stuff.

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Come Clarity Tour Comes to Manhattan

February 15.  Webster Hall.

In Flames.



Yeah baby. Don’t you love it when three awesome bands are all playing the same show?

UPDATE: In the comments, Rob complains he’s never heard of these bands.  I’ve now added links where you can go listen to a few songs for free.  For DevilDriver, I feel compelled to point out that their first album wasn’t that great, but their second album totally kicks ass.  Listen to “Hold Back the Day.”

Also, I just learned that “devil driver” is the name witches give to the bells they use to drive evil away when they are casting their spells.

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