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The Bestseller Awards

On Thursday last week, I attended the first annual Book Summit put on by The Book Standard. At the event, publishing professionals congregated to discuss trends in publishing and strategies for the future. Think of it as a con for booksellers and publishers. I went on the off chance that there’d be something of interest to genre fans, and proposed to Patrick Lee of SCI FI Wire that I cover the event. That got me in for free, so that was nice, but there was nary a mention of genre, so there was little to cover. However, at the end of the evening, The Book Standard’s Bestseller Awards were announced, several of which went to genre titles. As a result, I was able to write up a summary of the winners for SCI FI Wire, which you can now read here.

Carol Pinchefsky, the F&SF Humor Competition editor, and Douglas E. Cohen, the assistant editor at Realms of Fantasy, joined me at the event, Doug as my guest, and Carol was theoretically there to cover the event for UrbanDaddy.com (she also freelances for SCI FI Wire, but I beat her to the punch on this pitch).

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