REVIEW: Tangent Online: “As good (if not better) than its predecessor.”

“In the new anthology edited by John Joseph Adams, The Living Dead 2, a collection of 40-odd short stories (most of them brand-new for this volume) zombie fiction has come back with a vengeance. The Living Dead 2 explores the world after zombies, not in terms of the violent stand-off between living and dead (though that is present) but rather the mental and emotional toll of living post-apocalypse, when survivors no longer fight just for their lives, but also for their humanity. Every story in the collection handles this theme in different ways, some with humor, others so dark that they will haunt you for a while, but all are well worth the time…there’s forty-[four] excellent stories here, each with a unique voice and tone. … The Living Dead 2 is a rare sequel, in that it is just as good (if not better) than its predecessor. Funny, with action and sadness and grief, the anthology contains all the reasons people are not zombies, and all the reasons we fight against the hordes.”

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