Lawn Zombies

For those of you out there with green thumbs (because you’re avid gardeners, not because they’re rotting off), here’s a little something to spruce up your garden; that is, if you’ve planted all your plants and thought to yourself “What this really needs is something dead to liven things up.”

Yes, that’s on my actual lawn.

Zombie Quizzes

Would you survive the zombie apocalypse? Click here or here to find out. Assuming you do, what will your role be in the aftermath? This quiz will reveal all.

Not ready for such high stakes? Try gauging your zombie awareness.



Comic Book Writer Robert Kirkman on The Living Dead

The Living Dead contains stories of heartbreak, drama, and man’s eternal struggle against himself. The focus doesn’t fall squarely on violence and horror, which earns it a place among the best of zombie fiction. The Living Dead is not a book to be ignored; it demands a read through—maybe a couple.” —Robert Kirkman, writer of The Walking Dead and Marvel Zombies

Director Joe Dante on The Living Dead

“YOU NEED THIS BOOK! As terrific a short story collection as I’ve ever encountered, The Living Dead gathers together 34 of the cleverest, creepiest and most brain-freezing zombie tales. These are not your grandpa’s Late Late Show walking dead, either, but direct descendants of the modern post-Romero gut-ripping, intestine-crunching undead hordes. A collection to die for—or with.” —Joe Dante, award-winning director of Gremlins, The Howling, and Homecoming.

Site Launch!

Welcome to the website for the anthology The Living Dead, edited by John Joseph Adams. Poke around the site to see the table of contents, read free stories & interviews with the authors, and the zombie pop culture gazette, and more!