NEWS: John Carter/Barsoom Primer

SF Signal has a pretty extensive John Carter/Barsoom primer, for those of you who might want a refresher without having to go back and re-read all the books yourself, or those who haven’t read them in the first place but would like some background. (For what it’s worth, I don’t think you need any background to enjoy the anthology!) In any case, here’s the primer–enjoy!

NEWS: New Story Added to the Free Reads Page

In addition to Tobias S. Buckell’s story, “A Tinker of Warhoon,” which is available over at io9, you can now also read online Joe R. Lansdale’s story from Under the Moons of Mars, “The Metal Men of Mars,” over at Enjoy!

NEWS: New Joe Sutphin Woola Illustration

Artist Joe Sutphin, who contributed the illustration for Theodora Goss’s story “Woola’s Song,” recently created another Woola illustration, this time a watercolor. Here it is for your viewing pleasure.

Woola by Joe Sutphin

REVIEW: “Entertaining and convincing.”

“Under the Moons of Mars works even without prior knowledge of Burroughs’s fiction … As an anthology, the book has an interesting structure, because it’s entertaining and convincing, and this is coming from a reader who doesn’t romanticize Burroughs. No story feels derivative, and each one explores a different facet of Barsoom’s cosmology.” —Charles A. Tan, Bibliophile Stalker

REVIEW: “One of the books I’ve been most anticipating … elegant and emotional”

“This is one of the books I’ve been most anticipating. … The book is absolutely beautiful and well laid out.  I sat down and devoured the first three stories, trudging once more through the sands of Mars with a sword in my fist.  Joe Lansdale’s “The [Metal] Men of Mars” is a real throwback to the halcyon days and reads like Edgar Rice Burroughs himself could have written it. David Barr Kirtley (whom I’ve never before heard of) has written a truly elegant and emotional story full of wonder and honor in “Three Deaths.” And Peter S. Beagle has penned a story that pays homage to Tarzan of the Apes as well as John Carter and plays with American and English history at the same time. I’m looking forward to the rest of the stories.  John Joseph Adams has gotten a wonderful group together to do this book, and I can only hope there will be another.  Surely one will not be enough.” —Mel Odom [review]

REVIEW: Kirkus: “Pay[s] fitting tribute to a gifted pulp writer.”

“Written in prose that evokes the sweep of the originals and with a full page image of a well-armed (in more ways than one), often scantily clad figure in each, these pay fitting tribute to a gifted pulp writer. Plenty of sword work and old-style action-adventure, with the occasional clever spin.” —Kirkus Reviews [review]

NEWS: Site Launch!

Welcome to the website for my new anthology, Under the Moons of Mars: New Adventures on Barsoom. Browse around to find the Table of Contents, the Free Reads page, view the Art Gallery, and read some Author & Artist Interviews.