Interview: Misako Rocks!

Tell us a bit about your illustration for the anthology. What’s happening in the scene?

I drew Sarkoja who was almost dying. It’s the scene that she was crawling and walking through villages.

After reading the story, how did you decide which scene to illustrate?

I wanted to draw a different Sarkoja. So I picked the moment when Sarkoja was in a danger.

Was this a particularly challenging piece to create? If so, how?

Yes it was. I’ve made manga style books. I wanted to make a very dynamic, dark but still soft image which is not like my usual style.

What artistic techniques did you employ to create this piece?

I added a Victorian style to it. So my image was not just a dark and sad. It turned into a dramatic one.

Any new work of yours just out or forthcoming you’d like to mention, or anything else you’d like to add? 

Yes. My latest comic series “Detective Jermain vol1” is available at Amazon and bookstores. It’s a mystery-adventure story.

My first bilingual comic “Kodomo Eigojuku” is available too. If you want to learn Japanese culture and language, it’s a book for you! Visit my site for details: