Trash Mutant

“Great writing follows great writing; when one story ends, the next one immediately sinks its teeth into you. Highly recommended!”

Fantasy Book Review

“Highly recommended.”

Comics Online

“Riveting, and perfect for ‘on-the-go’ fans of thought-provoking, masterfully crafted post-apocalyptic tales.”

Nerdology 101

“As a whole this collection is excellent and I would recommend it to any fan of the genre or short fiction in general.”

“Editor John Joseph Adams has done an exceptional job of finding even more cream of the crop from this specific sub genre of fiction.  […] No matter what your favorite flavor of end of the world yarn may be, this tome comes highly recommended.”

Horror Hothouse Review

“Thought-provoking, often grim but at the same time often optimistic.”

SF Crowsnest

“A magnificent collection.”

SF Book Reviews

“As good an Anthology as the original Wastelands [making] it one of the best post-apocalyptic anthologies you will find this side of the big crunch.”