Happy Birthday Stephen King

Happy 60th birthday to Wastelands contributor Stephen King! [wikipedia entry]

Wastelands Site Updates

Updated Jerry Oltion author page: added Favorite Examples of Post-Apocalyptic Fiction

S. M. Stirling Praises Wastelands

Bestselling author S. M. Stirling read an advance copy of Wastelands, and had this to say about it: “A good chopped salad of an anthology, with tangy bits of description, crisp action, and zesty, memorable characters.”

Wastelands Site Updates

Updated Dark, Dark Were the Tunnels by George R. R. Martin page: added story excerpt

Wastelands Site Re-Launch

If you happened to visit the Wastelands website in the past couple days, you would have noticed that it was down. This was due to a major server crash, but everything seems to be up and running again as normal. All the content for the site had to be inputted again manually, so if you notice any errors or omissions, please contact the editor, John Joseph Adams, at johnjosephadams@gmail.com.