North Wind

For SCI FI Wire, I did an interview with Dave Digilio, creator/writer of the new comic North Wind, a post-apocalyptic SF adventure set 200 years into the next ice age. Check it out, and drop by MySpace Comics to download the first couple issues for free.

Booklist reviews Wastelands

Booklist, one of the publishing industry’s top trade journals, has reviewed Wastelands. Here’s a snippet: "With this well-chosen set of post-apocalyptic stories, editor Adams provides a bit of everything that is best about the trope, from bleak, empty worlds to beacons of hope in an otherwise awful situation. […] A well-chosen selection of well-crafted stories, offering something to please nearly every post-apocalyptic palate."

In addition to the overall praise given to the book, the reviewer singles out the stories by Jerry Oltion, Stephen King, John Langan, Octavia Bulter, and Elizabeth Bear. You can read the whole review on Booklist Online (free registration required).

Wastelands on MySpace Books

More Wastelands coverage! The anthology is currently a "Featured Book" on MySpace Books. Here’s a snippet: "Adams is a writer, editor, and, judging from his book’s extensive bibliography for further reading, human encyclopedia when it comes to post-apocalyptic fiction.  The compulsively readable stories he’s chosen for Wastelands will appeal not only to hard-core fans of science fiction but also to anyone who enjoyed recent movies like Cloverfield, I Am Legend, 28 Days Later, or Children of Men or Cormac McCarthy’s bestselling post-apocalyptic novel The Road."

MySpace Books also lists an average user rating for their featured books. Wastelands currently has a 90.9% rating. Drop by, post a comment, and give it a thumbs up!

Wastelands Reviews and Interview has an extensive, story-by-story review of Wastelands, and sums it up: "A very strong collection … there’s an awful lot of good reading to be had."

Quiet Earth also has a nice review, giving the anthology a 9/10 rating, saying "Many of the stories go a long way to challenging our very notion of what PA fiction is. And to me this is the true nature of a great anthology."

In other Wastelands news, Graeme’s Fantasy Book Review has an interview with me. Here’s a snippet:

If you had to live through the aftermath of one of the apocalypses covered in this book which one would it be?

It would have to be the apocalypse depicted in Jerry Oltion’s "Judgment Passed." In that story, it seems like the world was left in pretty decent shape after the apocalypse–no irradiated wastelands or crazed mutants to deal with, no plague to worry about. Also, no angry biker gangs plotting to steal your fuel. On the other hand, it might be a bit lonely, and it might suck if you didn’t get along with any of the few people that you were stuck on the planet with. Or maybe the one in "When Sysadmins Ruled the Earth." I mean, if the end of the world comes, and the internet is still working, it couldn’t be all bad, could it?

SF Crowsnest reviews Wastelands

SF Crowsnest just published a nice review of Wastelands by Tomas L. Martin. Here’s a snippet:

In this, his first anthology, he collects together an impressive array of post-apocalyptic short stories. […] There’s some really great stories in here from the likes of Stephen King, Orson Scott Card, Tobias Buckell, Cory Doctorow and George R.R. Martin. Before I move on to my pick of them, I’d like to mention how excellent John Joseph Adam’s editorial comments are both in the introduction and before each story. His comments on the authors and how they came to write the stories add weight and interest to each one and dramatically added to my enjoyment of the anthology. […] Stands out as one of the best short story collections I’ve read in a while.

The whole review can be found here.