REVIEW: Two Takes on Wastelands

SF Site has an enthusiastic review of Wastelands: "Wastelands is a fine anthology: an educational introduction to the subgenre and a well-chosen jog of the memory for the more experienced connoisseur of calamity. And much as you might not expect Armageddon to have a sequel, I live in hope that there might yet be a Wastelands 2."

Also reviewing Wastelands is Dark Wolf Fantasy Reviews: "A very good book, with different stories that gathers different views of the apocalyptic events and I highly recommend it."

REVIEW: SFF World reviews Wastelands

Rob Bedford at SFF World reviews Wastelands: "I can’t help but give this collection the highest recommendation. I think this will be a cornerstone for most reader’s shelves."

His favorite stories in the book seemed to be "Artie’s Angels" by Catherine Wells, "The End of the Whole Mess" by Stephen King, "Dark, Dark Were the Tunnels" by George R. R. Martin, and "Judgment Passed" by Jerry Oltion.

NEWS: Wastelands Odds and Ends

A few Wastelands things to report:

  • Blogger daydalus calls Wastelands “an excellent collection envisioning humanity‚Äôs darkest days.”
  • Elizabeth Bear’s story from the anthology, “And the Deep Blue Sea,” is now available as a podcast from Starship Sofa. (You can also read it for free on the Wastelands website.)
  • I saw Wastelands in its native environment again yesterday, this time in the Barnes & Noble in Union Square. And unlike last time it was in its true natural environment–the SF section. They had about seven copies and it was faced out looking all nice and pretty.